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At Mister Minit we are real people fixing everyday problems. If you need your shoes repaired, a spare key  for your car or house, an engraved gift or a new battery in your watch. These are some of the many services we provide.

Shoe Repair & Care

Worn, slippery or thin soles? Out of shape, uncomfortable or broken heels? From sole repairs and heel replacements to stretching, patching, or stitching.

New & Extra Keys

The family home is where our loved ones live, sleep, eat and share time; and where we store our prized possessions.

Mister Minit Keys and Remotes

Car Keys & Remotes

We use keys and remotes for everyday security and convenience but technology advancements can make it hard to fix or get an extra set.


Engraving effortlessly captures a moment in time and Mister Minit has both the expertise and giftware to help you celebrate any event.

Watch Repair

Mister Minit specialise in battery replacements, pressure testing, worn gaskets and band replacements as well as more detailed repairs to get you wearing that watch again!

Phone Repair

Mister Minit now has a Phone Repair Service in over 50 selected locations to fix various iPhone models with a 12 Month Warranty on all phone screen replacement workmanship and material.

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Sneaker Cleaning Tips

Want to cover damaged spots and tenacious stains on your sneakers? With Sneaker Cleaner we can help you to get rid of dirt!

I1. Remove the laces
2. Remove dirt with a cleaning brush
3. Shake well the cleaner sneaker and spray the shoe
4. Clean borders and the upper part with the cleaning brush
5. Use a slightly wet sponge to remove foam and dirt


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